A thirst for excellence 

Constantly being on the move is demanding. Haut-Bailly has never stopped evolving, questionning its practices, always seeking to surpass itself, on all fronts.

Just enough
is never enough

From day one, the managing families of winegrowers at Haut-Bailly have shown the same resolute desire to go above and beyond, serving the iconic property with humility and tenacity.

This desire to always move forward, without ever resting on our laurels is one of the essential hallmarks of our identity, that we live by and express on a daily basis.

Rigor & balance

From the outset, Haut-Bailly has been defined by two fundamental principals: unwavering standards and continual balance.

The first is an absolute given, and the second an attitude that exudes an earthy sense of measure, sobriety and moderation, warding off any notions of exuberance, opulence, excess or haste.

As a result, Haut-Bailly is recognized, in the narrow circle of extraordinary Bordeaux wines, as possessing the essence of timeless style, in the face of fleeting fashions.

“Life is a question
of attitude”

At the heart of our philosophy, there is the desire to progress, to continue to work relentlessly to optimise processes, with an ambition to protect the Haut-Bailly style, while continuing to refine it and upholding its true nature.

As Bob Wilmers used to say, ‘Life is a question of attitude.’ The Haut-Bailly attitude is that of an artisan winemaker passionated about innovation and dedicated to preserving the heritage for future generations.

To remain faithful to ourselves, resolute to the soul of this legendary terroir, to work tirelessly to protect it and to honour it by producing contemporary wines that reflect the timeless style of Haut-Bailly, this is our philosophy.

Welcome to Haut-Bailly.

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An exceptional terroir

The Haut-Bailly vineyard is located on one of the highest ridges on the left bank, and is home to century-old vines unique to Bordeaux.