A timeless emotion 

Renowned for its exceptional elegance, the Grand Vin is the fruit of a complex balance: elegant and tactile, powerful and supple, immediate and timeless. Each vintage is unique, but also adds to the lineage of Haut-Bailly wines, embodying the constancy of the estate’s terroir and style.

A true second wine, Haut-Bailly•II, formerly known as La Parde Haut-Bailly, has been produced since 1967 from the same plots of vines as its elder brother. A different expression of the terroir, it is the fruit of an equally meticulous selection and vinified with the same expertise. It reflects all the pleasure and finesse characteristic of Haut-Bailly.

Our vintages

The winemakers who have run Haut-Bailly have always shown the same unshakeable determination to take the iconic estate they have been entrusted to serve further and higher, with as much humility as tenacity.

Haut-Bailly is now recognised in the inner circle of Bordeaux’s great wines as embodying the essence of a timeless style, in the face of changing fashions. 

Other wines

HB & Château Le Pape

Since 2012, the Haut-Bailly team has taken charge of the Château Le Pape vineyard. The high proportion of Merlot in the blend gives it its expressive freshness, suppleness and charm. In 2022, after 10 years of work to raise the level of production, the wines from these vineyards join those of Haut-Bailly•II.

Our third wine, known as “Pessac-Léognan” since 1987, is renamed from the 2018 vintage after 30 years of success. The initials of the estate are highlighted on a more concise label. HB comes from the estate’s youngest vines. After a short ageing period in barrels, which gives it its structure and suppleness, this wine should be drunk sooner than its predecessors.