Vintage 2000: Legendary

Vintage 2000 : Legendary 

2000 had the potential to be a year which surpasses all others; and our hopes and expectations were not disappointed. It was a great year, worthy of being counted amongst those that leave their mark on our times.

Thanks to the clemency of the weather – temperatures were 2°C above average, with 9 very hot days, a key factor in the grapes’ development ripening occurred in the best possible conditions. The grapes of 2000 were typified by thick skins and commendable levels of concentration. The harvest started at Haut-Bailly with a plot of young merlot on September 13th, yet it was not until October 3rd before picking the Cabernet commenced; throughout this period Mother Nature smiled upon us, bathing the vineyards in the sun’s warm rays.

As early on as the end of winemaking process, the wine boasted an air of strength and concentration, a very intense colour, a fruit of exceptional maturity and, as always at Haut-Bailly, intricacy and harmony, which for us is the very definition of a great wine.

This vintage blessed from on high would benefit from several years ageing so as to reach its customary smoothness, but do not be afraid to taste it before-hand if temptation calls!

Harvest: September 13th – October 11th   
Château Haut-Bailly blend: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon – 50% Merlot
La Parde Haut-Bailly blend: 46% Cabernet Sauvignon – 32% Merlot – 22% Cabernet Franc